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    Overwatch Gets a Balancing Update 

    Blizzard is a huge gaming company that aims to provide the best gaming experience to the masses.

    Just last month, they’ve released their first-person shooting game, Overwatch, and a lot of people have actually bought it and enjoyed it.

    In fact, according to Blizzard, over 7 million people have already purchased the game on PC, Xbox One, and the Playstation 4 game consoles.

    Now, Blizzard is very keen when it comes to game balancing and next week, they’re going to be releasing their new balancing update.

    This update will specifically target one overpowered character, McCree. You see in Overwatch, aside from the usual uniqueness of every character, each and every one of them have their own ultimate abilities.

    McCree’s ultimate, Fan the Hammer, is overpowered at the time of writing this article. McCree will unload every bullet from his gun to an unwilling recipient, thus, killing them in the process.

    Now, the premise of the ultimate is simple: waste every bullet=kill. But, this ability is overpowered because even tanks get killed by just one use of this ultimate ability.

    Blizzard is now focused on nerfing the ultimate ability, but only by a little bit. According to Jeff Kaplan, Overwatch’s game director said that he and his team are aware of this issue and they are going to tone down the damage a little bit.

    Squishier characters and even the ones with medium HP can still be killed by the Fan the hammer attack, but tanks will surely survive it in the upcoming patch. This will give Tank characters enough HP to kill McCree after he’s done using his ultimate.

    This is very good news since a lot of people are using McCree just for his ultimate ability.

    Blizzard is truly committed to balancing their games and this is just one of the first balancing acts they will do.

    There are also reports that D.Va will get a buff as well, but there is still no in-depth information about it at this time.

    In other news, Blizzard will be implementing the Rank play in Overwatch over the coming months.

    Jeff Kaplan teased a bit of information about it. He said that they’re currently working to make the matchmaking process as accurate as possible. This means that when you are ranked at the lowest echelon, you will be paired with similarly ranked characters as well.

    Overwatch’s game director did not give a specific timeline on when the ranked play update will be released but rest assured that it will be released with most, not all, of the problems ironed out.

    I sure hope they focus on this one as Heroes of the Storm’s ranked play wasn’t that good. There was one time when my friend, who was rank 34 at that time, was pitted against a rank 5 player. The result was not good.

    McCree’s nerf and D.Va’s buff are just some of the first balancing acts Blizzard will be doing on Overwatch. Overwatch is a highly entertaining game and it is available on the PC as well as the Xbox One and Playstation 4 game consoles.

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    Razer Naga Hex V2 Gaming Mouse 

    MOBA games are quite popular nowadays. MOBA or Massive Online Battle Arena is a term used to describe a team-versus-team play that is set on a particular in-game map.

    It all started when a custom map known as “Dota” was released for the Warcraft 3: The Frozen Throne game by Blizzard.

    Since then, a lot of game developers have created their own take of the MOBA genre and gamers are now enjoying League of Legends, Dota 2, Heroes of the Storm, among others.

    The MOBA scene is actually quite competitive with a lot of eSports games held nearly every month.

    That is why, Razer is committed to giving gamers the edge, especially when they are playing MOBA games.

    Today, I am going to talk about the Razer Naga Hex V2. This is the second iteration of the mouse that was released a few years ago and it caters for the new MOBA games of this generation.

    The Razer Naga Hex V2 is a gaming mouse that is specifically crafted for right-hand gamers. It also sports 7 programmable buttons that can be conveniently accessed with the use of your thumb.

    The feel of the gaming mouse is somewhat reminiscent to that of the original Razer Naga but it only has 7 programmable buttons instead of 12.

    This gaming mouse is truly built for MOBA gamers and because of that, the Razer Naga Hex V2 comes with pre-programmed MOBA game profiles.

    These profiles can be downloaded from the Razer website and can be imported as a profile using the Razer Synapse software.

    These profiles set specific button configuration on the 7 extra mechanical thumb buttons on the side of the mouse. This allows you for maximum control and convenience of hitting the right spells.

    Since you will not be using the buttons the majority of the time, there is also a convenient thumb rest situated just in the center position of where the keys pan out.

    Now, I’ve used quite a lot of Razer gaming mice before and I must say that their mice sensors are always spot on.

    The Razer Naga Hex V2 is no different; it comes with a 16,000 DPI, 5G sensor that is able to perform even fast twitch movements.

    Even though this gaming mouse has a laser sensor, it is pretty accurate no matter what surface the mouse is on. For best results, use this gaming mouse with a Razer mouse mat like the Razer Goliathus.

    In the world of computer peripherals, RGB lighting has already become the norm. Thankfully, the Razer Naga Hex V2 also comes with Razer’s Chroma lighting feature.

    You can adjust the lighting feature of the gaming mouse using the Razer Synapse software.

    If you do not want to tweak the lighting yourself, you can also download profiles from the Razer Chroma workshop.

    There are lighting profiles there that are created by other people who have Razer peripherals. Just make sure to download the appropriate lighting profile for your particular Razer peripheral.

    If you are serious about MOBA gaming, the Razer Naga Hex V2 is a serious contender. With 16,000 DPI laser sensor, 7 clicky mechanical buttons, RGB lighting, and a great ergonomic mouse, the Razer Naga Hex V2 is a great choice for MOBA gamers.

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    D-Link DGL-4500 Extreme-N Selectable Dual-Band Gaming Router 

    D-Link is one of the best router manufacturers to date. They are not new to the networking niche, but they always strive to give the best to consumers. So today, we’re not going to review their old run-of-the-mill routers. Oh no, we are going to review one of their gaming routers, the D-Link DGL-4500 Extreme N Gaming router.

    The D-Link DGL-4500 uses the Wireless N technology, which is a little older compared to the newer AC WiFi Module. Still, its transfer speeds are superb, considering the older technology.

    The gaming router also sports a glossy black finish at the top, and a matte black finish on the sides and bottom. It also has 3 external antennas for highly improved WiFi signal distribution.

    To know what features the D-Link DGL-4500 has, here is the official product description:

    With dualband Wireless N technology (2.4GHz or 5GHz) gamers can choose which wireless band works best for them. In order to get the best out of your game, the Xtreme-N Gaming Router includes an updated GameFuel Priority Engine to prioritize your gaming traffic on the network and get your game going smoother. The DGL-4500/RE also includes Gigabit LAN and WAN ports to get your game on with incredible speeds. Information is key, with that in mind we’ve included the Network Activity Display to give you vital information about your router and network all at the touch of a button.

    What I love about D-Link is that most, if not all of their routers have specialized and proprietary features. Here are just some of them:

    Intelligent QoS Technology- QoS stands for Quality of Service. In this case, the DGL-4500 prioritizes network speeds for applications that truly need it. For example, if you’re downloading a large file, while at the same time, using Skype to connect to your loved ones, the Intelligent QoS Technology would lower the transfer speeds for the downloading file, and it will give more network speeds for the Skype application (since it is much more important, no?)

    Dual-Band 802.11n Technology- What is the fuss about dual-band routers? And why are they more beneficial for gamers? Well, the main advantage of Dual-band routers over single-band routers is that Dual-band routers can discern which connection offers more speed. After it discerns which is the optimum band for better gameplay, it will automatically connect to the network, even without user intervention.

    Improved Firewall Protection- Firewalls are commonplace in most routers as they are the first line of defense when it comes to unwanted elements such as malware, Trojans, etc. The DGL-4500 has an improved Firewall protection, which will alert the user if there are any malicious contents that tries to get on the network.

    And, it also has some nice bit of extras that you might want:

    • Network Activity Display that gives you vital information about your router and network settings
    • Updated GameFuel Engine to keep your game going smoother
    • Backward compatible with 802.11a/g/b devices
    • D-Link Green Verified Product (hardware version A1 and A2)
    • Includes SharePort technology* for sharing USB devices like printers and storage over your network

    The DGL-4500 prioritizes game packets thanks to the GameFuel Engine. This means that you can enjoy multiplayer online games without having to worry about lag at all!

    The D-Link DGL-4500 is a promising gaming router, and with a price of only $40, it is a solid choice for a gaming router.

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    Looking to get more out of your handheld experience? Consider the R4! 

    Are you like one of the thousands of people who buy most of the new video game systems that come out, often just to keep up with the times, but you find yourself lacking enjoyment out of your handheld? This is doubly true of the 3DS, a handheld with more gimmick than quality games in general, and it shows from how few of the games are actually popular. Luckily at r4 3ds you can find the latest chips to enhance your handheld system. Never heard of an R4? Well, it happens to be a chip that will convert a 3DS from a boring system with limited games to the best hand held multimedia device money can buy. It basically allows you to use your 3DS in many ways more like a computer, downloading different games or emulators onto it, putting music, movies, and other media for your viewing pleasure. It’s all very simple, just plug it right into your 3DS where you’d usually put a game, no complex tasks here, they already did all the complex parts for you. You’ll definitely need a way to plug it into your computer, but most computers come with a variety of card readers nowadays so you’ll have no problem putting whatever you may want onto your chip. And talk about the price is right! Depending on what size of R4 chip you want, this will range you from roughly 20-50$, a fair price considering most video games, even for handhelds, are this price, or more! Why buy one game when you can buy access to hundreds of games, not restricted by the system in the same way a 3DS can only play 3DS games. Instead you’ll be able to watch movies, read a book, play a fun, old school game, whatever it may be you’re looking to do, the R4 can do it! Do also factor in the cost of a reading device so you can plug it into your PC if you don’t have the proper ports to do this, but that should only run 5-10$ itself, still keeping within the ‘1 videogame cost’ budget. So if you’re sad you wasted so much money on a handheld system you barely use, and you are looking for a hand in your handheld gaming experience, choose the R4, you’ll never regret buying that clunky, boring handheld system again!

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    Using African Mango for weight loss 

    African mango is one of the best-selling weight loss supplements on the market today, and this supplement is so popular because it works! The acidic content of the mango and it’s many essential nutrients help to rev up your metabolism and get you burning more calories every hour.


    As effective as this supplement is, it’s important to remember that not all supplements are created equal. Some are made with fillers and byproducts and things like silica and gels which are not always needed and which just add bulk to the supplement. Some have better ingredients so they will work better than others. How can you choose the best African mango supplement for your weight loss needs?


    Not by Price Alone


    Often when someone shops for a supplement they shop by price as of course everyone wants to save money. However, sometimes you get what you pay for even when it comes to your weight loss supplements! Many inferior brands that add fillers and inactive ingredients just to bulk up the supplement will be cheaper, but you’re only purchasing these fillers and not the extract of the African mango itself.


    This doesn’t mean that the most expensive brand is the best as sometimes you’re also just paying for a brand name, but you don’t want to look only at the price when you’re ready to choose. Some of the more expensive brands have a higher concentration of the extract, and some of the less expensive choices can work as well but you need to be selective.


    Look for Reviews


    Can you find reviews for the supplement you choose? This is a good sign and you want to be sure to read those reviews and compare. Anyone that has great results with a weight loss supplement will want to share their experience with others, and those reviews can tell you if the supplement is the right choice. You may quickly begin to notice that very cheap supplements get poor reviews, or you might see that overpriced supplements get mediocre reviews.


    Note if the reviewer says that the supplement was effective and if it seemed safe or if there were side effects. This too can help you to decide if it’s right for you, in addition to choosing the right brand. You can to lose weight with African mango but you want to choose a brand that’s safe as well.


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    How to use African Mango 

    The African Mango is a brightly colored, succulent and delectable fruit that grows in the west coastal rainforest of Cameroon. Its size, look, and taste are very similar to the mangoes found in your neighborhood supermarket. Throughout the tropics, mangos are easily the most widely cultivated fruit of all because of their sweet, juicy, fragrant texture and flavor.


    The popular “mango diet” is based on the African “Bush Mango,” which is really a species called Irvinga gabonensis that grows wild on the continent. It’s said to harbor a special ingredient locked into its seeds (known as “Dikka nuts“), called IGOB131 that aggressively eliminates fat in the human body, as well as possessing other medicinal properties. The seeds are routinely used as an extract in dietary supplements.


    Health claims aside, no one disputes the naturally delicious flavor that the African Mango seems to have in abundance. So much so that there are numerous ways that you can enjoy this mouthwatering delight. Who knew that the possibility of losing weight and improving your overall health could taste so good?


    How to Eat the African Mango


    Before delving into this lovely fruit you want to ensure that it’s perfectly ripened. Press against the fruit with your fingers to see if it leaves a dent r4 3ds ici. If it does, then your mango is ready to be eaten. It’s the same technique used to determine if a pear or avocado is ripe.


    If after pressing against the mango it remains firm, then you’ll want to leave it sitting out on your countertop for a couple of days to give it a chance to ripen up and soften. Eating a mango that hasn’t ripened properly tastes bitter and hard. You don’t want to waste money on such an expensive fruit without getting the full benefit of its delightful experience.


    Once you’ve determined that the mango is ripe enough, it should be washed clean even though you may intend to peel the skin. There are several ways to enjoy this luscious fruit. You can simply eat it raw as you would an apple or pear, skin and all, or you can cube or slice it after peeling. Either way you’re in for a real treat because the African Mango is an absolutely mouthwatering fruit that almost everyone enjoys.


    Weight Loss Claims


    What about all those claims that the African Mango promotes weight loss? Well, the jury is still out, although there are studies that indicate that the seeds found inside the African Mango could help some people lose weight. However, there is no doubt that you’ll never discover a more delicious way to find out if the claims are true.


    Nevertheless, there’s a booming African Mango supplement industry where you can get the benefits of African Mango seeds in the form of a dietary pill. It certainly couldn’t hurt to pop a few pills while munching on such a yummy dessert.


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    The benefits of using HCG 

    There are many dietary supplements out there. However, few dietary supplements offer a wide range of different benefits to your body. If you are currently in the market for something to help you diet, then you no doubt have a lot of options out there. Lets review the dietary supplement hCG, most known for the 500-Calorie hCG diet. Rising in popularity as a homeopathic dietary supplement, hCG injections are making ripples as they help turn people’s lives around. Below are what Doctors, scientists, and experts have to say about hCG diet and the positive effects it can have on you, your body, and your goals.
    1. Weight Loss

    The most controversial of the three benefits, weight loss and dietary supplements have always been a touchy subject. The current market both on store shelves and online is riddled with useless products that claim the world, have no results, and take your money. If this has happened to you in the past, then it is understandable why you may be worried about hCG or any other dietary supplements. In fact, thousands of people have poured out their hearts and souls into detailed reviews of hCG, stating how much it has changed their lives and made weight loss a reality, as opposed to a far of and intangible dream. Though it always requires more research, consider hCG for weight loss and see if it is right for you.
    2. Fertility

    There can be nothing more frustrating in life then having difficulty getting pregnant. However, with millions of women faced with this problem every year, there are solutions available. One solution found using hCG was the hCG can increase your chances of becoming pregnant. The hormone, which was originally observed in pregnant women during their first trimester, aids the body in preparing for a child. As a result, millions of women use it to prepare themselves for having a child.
    3. Regulating Menstrual Cycles

    Between pain, cramps, and emotional mood swings, menstrual cycles can have a wide array of effects on women. Thankfully, hCG has been seen as a way to lighten the effects of menstrual cycles, also aiding and regulating when they come.

    With so many uses, it is easy to see why hCG is making a slash. If you are interested in learning more about how hCG can help you, then keep up with the research! Until then, good luck!

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