Looking to get more out of your handheld experience? Consider the R4!

Are you like one of the thousands of people who buy most of the new video game systems that come out, often just to keep up with the times, but you find yourself lacking enjoyment out of your handheld? This is doubly true of the 3DS, a handheld with more gimmick than quality games in general, and it shows from how few of the games are actually popular. Luckily at r4 3ds you can find the latest chips to enhance your handheld system. Never heard of an R4? Well, it happens to be a chip that will convert a 3DS from a boring system with limited games to the best hand held multimedia device money can buy. It basically allows you to use your 3DS in many ways more like a computer, downloading different games or emulators onto it, putting music, movies, and other media for your viewing pleasure. It’s all very simple, just plug it right into your 3DS where you’d usually put a game, no complex tasks here, they already did all the complex parts for you. You’ll definitely need a way to plug it into your computer, but most computers come with a variety of card readers nowadays so you’ll have no problem putting whatever you may want onto your chip. And talk about the price is right! Depending on what size of R4 chip you want, this will range you from roughly 20-50$, a fair price considering most video games, even for handhelds, are this price, or more! Why buy one game when you can buy access to hundreds of games, not restricted by the system in the same way a 3DS can only play 3DS games. Instead you’ll be able to watch movies, read a book, play a fun, old school game, whatever it may be you’re looking to do, the R4 can do it! Do also factor in the cost of a reading device so you can plug it into your PC if you don’t have the proper ports to do this, but that should only run 5-10$ itself, still keeping within the ‘1 videogame cost’ budget. So if you’re sad you wasted so much money on a handheld system you barely use, and you are looking for a hand in your handheld gaming experience, choose the R4, you’ll never regret buying that clunky, boring handheld system again!